The ****ING Moon KEY!!!!

NOTE: This article was written becoz im beginning to grow tired of repeatedly answering questions of what the moon key is for....grrrrr!!!!

To save everyone (or just myself) the horror of typing and retyping every tuesday at around 9 pm, i'm going to - try to - make a simple explanation of what the WATER MOON KEY is.

As you may already know, the Dragon Palace Event is held every Tuesday from 8 pm to 12 30 am (not sure about the end time but im sure im close). Most players would go inside hoping to dig boxes that would reward them with swimwear thats right now selling at a decent price. (A bra has an average selling price of 5 million yuan).

There are dozens of possible items that can be dug from the boxes. Swimwears, Pet Skill Manuals, Town Portal Sticks, Emblem of Patience, Immortal Stones. All items' uses are known to everyone except for the subject of this topic - the water moon key.

Now, unknown to many, the dragon palace event isnt just about avoiding monsters and digging boxes. Jiao Linger, the NPC inside the palace, is providing a quest that could net you 100k to 500k experience. Here are the details

Dragon Seal Quest

1. Before entering the event, make sure to bring with you a Silver Dragon Token (yes, the ones you get from DSQs).

2. Talk to Jiao Linger (Use the NPC Locator to find this Mermaid NPC). And select the Dragon Seal Quest. The Silver Dragon Token will disappear from your inventory. Kung walang token, walang quest.

3. Check your quest log. You need to go to 8 different places.

4. Using your NPC locator, go to the 8 spots mentioned and click on the pillars located in those places. This could get rather messy as the translations for the quest log isnt 100 percent similar to the ones in the NPC locator.. I suggest you use a notepad to jot down places you have already gone to via the npc locator.

5. When finished, you will then be asked to find an item....THE MOON KEY. Either rely on your luck on digging one, or find someone selling the item. Here's a friendly advise. "Maraming nakakaalam na mawawala lang yung moon key paglabas nang palace. Bilhin mo sa kanila nang 50k to 100k yuan. Pero kung desperado ka, shout mo na buying ka moon key at 200k, may sasagot na sayo."

6. Now, once you acquire a moon key, you have a decision to make...You Need to choose....In other words, Banker offers 100k exp, DEAL OR NO DEAL. If you feel contented with 100k exp reward, go back to Jao Linger and submit your quest. If you want more exp (and if you think you can keep going), then go to step 7.

7. Using the NPC Locator, Go to DRAGON SEAL. Thats the place with a whirlpool and a big iguana looking boss with a dozen sirens. In the middle of the place is the dragon seal tablet. If you manage to dig it (Good luck), then you must be very good. Go back to Jiao Linger and receive 500k exp (Im not sure if this is the correct figure. Ill be updating this once i confirm it to be wrong).

Now, if someone else asks you what the fu****g moon key is for, refer this site to them. Youll save yourself a lot of time explaining, you get a thank you from them, and from me.....


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